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The economics for processing tires into solvent is a solid business, but lots of upside exists for growing/extending the solvent market, as well as delivering high value from the other by-products, particularly carbon black.

The first footing for this technology is now well established in Texas with the New London facility - capacity expansion at that facility is ongoing. Other prospective locations in Texas and across the US are planned; at least one of these is likely to in Texas early. Out of state plant sites will bring new wealth and investment to Natural Resource Recovery, with all operations training, management, design engineering and business operations for these facilities occurring in Texas.

Dispersed location economics are positive and will drive expansion of company facilities across the United States. Discarded tire storage and gathering facilities are located all across the country - generated locally, gathered regionally. There are some large tire landfills. However, transportation economics prevents any truly centralized approach for the continuing stream of waste tires generated every day in virtually every city and town.

Each new plant generates millions of dollars in economic activity both during and after construction that benefits the entire area in which a facility is located.

Natural Resource Recovery is positioned to offer the environment a low cost process that will turn tire pollution into useful commodities without any negative impact or waste. The beneficial impacts to the environment in and around the region of a production plant are significant.

Over the last several years, Earth Summit meetings have been held through the efforts of the United Nations to put pressure on world leaders to address their numerous environmental problems. Through funding by the World Bank, these world leaders are now seeking new technologies to solve their old, as well as new environmental problems.

In this age of environmental awareness, governments, organizations and individuals throughout the world are demanding that solutions to these environmental waste problems be found. Just in the United States, figures show that, more than 22,000 manufacturing plants filed some 82,000 reports with the Environmental Protection Agency, concerning discharges of over 30 toxic chemicals. Approximately 200,000,000 automobile tires, and 30,000,000 truck tires are discarded annually. A large majority of these tires will join the already two billion discarded tires now in stockpiles throughout the U. S. The total volume of contaminated soil is reported to be approximately two billion tons. Much of this contamination is related to petroleum and pesticides. The average person contributes some 1.8 pounds of sewage to the U. S. production of 180,000 tons daily. The current methods of disposal are not only inadequate, but also contribute to land and air pollution.

The state of the environment has reached critical proportions. The need for cost effective, environmental friendly solutions has created a market of unbelievable magnitude. Population growth and the desire to improve the standards of living will cause continued pressure for creative ways to prevent further deterioration of the environment and further depletion of our natural resources. To this end, NRR research has always focused on the conversion of these waste streams into usable and valuable by-products. Metals are recovered as metals, organic materials as petroleum products and carbon, toxic compounds are reduced to simpler nontoxic compounds. Plastics produce marketable gases, oils and wax's, together with a very pure carbon. The changing attitude towards conservation and recycling have given credence to our efforts. Because the waste and pollution problems have become worldwide, Natural Resource Recovery’s opportunities are global.

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